Day of Awe

Day of Awe

Morning: Preludes

Who towers above all,
may we sculpt your silence with a new song?

Who hovers over the ocean swell,
may we ripple your stillness with whispered entreaties?

Who lies buried under fields of forgotten dreams,
may we rekindle your joy with praying lips?

Afternoon: The Breaking of the Vessels

The smoldering mountain moves, it roars, shudders,
shaking off unwanted pious courtesies.
A hard northwesterly chops the wintry seas,
and sharks scent their prey, a drowning man.
Forked lightning strikes a once-sacred oak,
its bole is split, its branches burnt and scattered.

Evening: Closures

A new year is born, all sins are forgiven,
Now gather us H’, bring us home                                          Shelter us.

@2012 Jonathan Omer-Man
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