A. Video

The Mystical Experience, a panel discussion on the nature of mysticism in which I participate together with Brother David Steindl-Rast and Maata Lynn Barron.

If you have neither time nor patience to spend an entire hour looking at it, here are some interesting clips:
1. Listening to God

2. The illusory God

3. Questioning the Mystical Experience

4. The Mystical Experience & the Sacred Use of Drugs.

A documentary film, Building Bridges, the Religious Work of Jonathan Omer-Man, was produced by Jewish Television Network, Los Angeles, 1983.


An Interview with Kristine McKenna
A wide ranging interview.

Accepting the Mystery,” conducted by Gilla Nissan and Lauren Deutch and published in Parabola can be read on-line here. The theme of the entire Spring issue of the magazine is “suffering” (not my choice).

Extensive interiews appear in a number of books, including Rodger The Kamenetz’ Jew in the Lotus and Stalking Elijah; Working on God, by Winnifred Gallagher; The Deepest Spiritual Life, by Susan Quinn.

There are also dozens of interviews in periodicals, some excellent, others not. They can be found by Googling my name.


Ibn Arabi Conversations: Following the Ibn Arabi Symposium held in October in Berkeley, Michael Lerner of Commonweal recorded a number of interviews for the New School project. I had the privilege are participating in one of them, and I strongly recommend the others too. Podcasts of the entire library are available. Mine is half way down the list.