Sing, Don’t Shout

Sing, Don’t Shout

One who recites every day “The Song of all Creatures”  in this world will surely sing it in the Palaces of Eternity.

An ancient and mysterious text called  “The Song of All Creatures(Pereq Shirah) tells us that every created being, from the Heavens above to each scorpion, snail and ant below, has its own song, a unique hymn with which it praises H’. This piece, composed of a beautiful selection of relevant biblical verses, once occupied a place in the daily liturgy  — may it be restored.

Each of us too has a particular song, one with which we may offer our prayers. But  however pure its sounds, however intense the yearning it expresses, it can never be a solo performance. We are forever part of numerous ensembles, within which we must listen  to and hear the voices of the other players. No musician can participate in an orchestra without being finely attuned to all the other instruments, and though ultimately every voice is part of the vast cosmic symphony, we are limited beings and must find a local troupe, or troupes, within which we can weave our melodies and create elevating harmonies. So when we sing praise to H’, when we magnify and glorify and sanctify the Source of All, whether standing in the company of trees in the Redwoods, walking with the oppressed of the earth and with those who serve them, or sitting with members of a religious community, let us speak softly and hear the prayers of our fellow beings.

ברוך שומע תפילה

@2012 Jonathan Omer-Man
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