Remembering to remember

Remembering to remember

          Remember the Sabbath Day     זכור את יום השבת

There is a Shabbat that we celebrate once a week, twenty-five hours of sacred time devoted to  rest, fellowship, prayer, and spiritual reflection. On this day we separate ourselves from the physical world of commerce and manufacture, and strive to banish distractions that intrude from the quotidian. Observance of this Shabbat is a cornerstone of Jewish practice, and it is well guarded by law and by custom.

Of this it is said: Shamor! Guard!

And there a Shabbat that is present at all times, the center point. This Shabbat is a faint light that emerges from the source of all being. Subtle, hidden, it abides in mystery,  and is revealed only in rare moments of solitary contemplation,  or when ritual acts are performed  in perfect alignment. It is easily forgotten.

Of this it is said: Zakhor! Remember!

And furthermore it is said: Shamor and Zakhor are one, Guarding and Remembering are one.


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