Praying Your Way out of Egypt

Praying Your Way out of Egypt

זכר ליציאת מצרים                                                                                       הנני

In the traditional liturgy we recite the phrase “a remembrance of the exodus from Egypt” several times a day. Now were this to be only about the historical event, the frequency could be considered to be excessive.  However, the Hebrew word “Mitzrayim” (Egypt) can refer not just to a certain ancient kingdom, but also to another, inner state, one in which it is not the body that is held  in bondage but the soul itself that is captive, entangled within a web of false stories and imagined dramas.

Let us free! But the work is hard, the journey home is long. Were we to peel away each of the threads, all those obsolete myths,  ossified fears, promises unkept, and dreams unrealized, one at a time, it could take 10,000 years. But there is a shorter way:

Let soul clap its hands and pray, and louder pray.

Let us say: הנני Hineini. I Am H’, I am here!

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