Follow the Faint Traces

אוֹר זָרֻעַ לַצַּדִּיק
“The light that is sown for the seeker”

The Primal Utterance, “Let there be light,”  precedes all. Even before there was time, with its evenings and its mornings, its first days and its second days, there was light.

This first light is not the same as that of the sun and the moon, which were created only on the fourth day.  Those great luminaries are ever in flux, and with their waxing and waning they make possible days and nights and the sequence of seasons; the blazing golden rays of the one sustain all life on earth, the pale silvery reflections of the other provide the stuff of dreams and pull at many tides.

This light of the first day is constant, unchanging and trustworthy. It can guide us on our path to alignment, but its traces are subtle and faint, and are often obscured in the bright business of our lives.

Help us, H’, that we may discern that hidden light.

@2012 Jonathan Omer-Man

3 thoughts on “Follow the Faint Traces

  1. Perhaps the we see the primal light in one another’s faces when we are most loving and most joyful….and performing acts of kindness and tzeddek.

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