A Minor Earthquake in Berkeley

ברוך מחיה המתים                                                                      ברוך שכוחו גבורתו מלא עולם

One evening last week, while I was at home dining with friends, the earth beneath us trembled, sharply, and I knew then the Terror and the Dread.  I died a little death. Though I did say yes, yes to your Strength and your Power,  I was not ready, H’, to stand naked before your Presence..

Within two or three seconds it was all over. “An earthquake,” we said nervously, “a small one, but very close.” We had a drink, and ended the evening together in closer companionship.

Praise be to H’, overturner of mountains, whose dread finger touched me!

Praise be to H’, raiser of the dead, whose sweet breath revived me!

Praise be to H’!